Motor Failure Issue

Hi All,

I’m a bit stumped with a motor failure issue I’m running into. I had just hit run on my initial calibration after the z axis motor quit working, and manually setting the depth of the cutter.
About 3 inches into the inaugural cut , the chain wrapped around the R ( from front) motor, causing the cut to go all over the map.
I hit stop, untangled the chain, went to jog the sled, R motor no longer works.
Do motor/ encoder check, R - Fail, L Pass, Z fail
I swap motor connectors, R motor works on left connector, L motor does not work on R connector.
Swapped cables, checked everything is tight, plugged in, hit reset on board, etc.
Z axis still not working.
Do a final motor/ encoder check, R Fail, L Fail, Z Fail, left motor is now not working.
Can the control boards fail on these? Is it a common issue?
My kit was shipped Nov 2017.



That sounds to me like the shield was damaged when the chain wrapped. The way the problem seems to move around with the different tests is very strange, but since the motor controller becoming damaged by a chain wrap is a common issue that we’ve seen before I think it’s safe to say the controller board is the issue. We’re officially sold out on the website right now, but if you send us an email to we’ll sent you a new one

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Thank you for the incredibly quick response, your advice and the controller board.
Your customer service is superb.
I also wanted to say how great the Maslow itself is , and how well you and your team have implemented the production and supply of the kits, a huge accomplishment by any standard. You guys are a credit to the maker movement.