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YetiTool Smart Bench CNC

I just found this yesterday. It looks great. It seems to have headed in a similar direction to some of the evolution of the mark II frame but with some other great ideas too.

Their website is at And they are UK based. I think I read the founder had something to do with early 3d printing. Smart guy for sure. No North American distributor yet.

The website has some recent activity but it is still a bit unclear if they are shipping yet it not. I do love the European style holey worktop. It’s very useful once you get used to it and bench dogs.

Once they turned the table upright in the video it started looking quite maslowian but also innovative in its own ways. I was fascinated how little support they need with that holey table underheath.

Check it out and they have a few videos on their website.

What do you think?


PS Funny how branding goes. They have been promoting yetitool but the product is SmartBench yet even make called it the Yeti CNC…

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Looks interesting. I couldn’t tell from the pictures if it was rack and pinion with a metal or rubber belt but the concept seems pretty solid. Claimed 0.125mm a curacy iirc.

However it starts at 4000 euros, about 6 or 7x the price of a Maslow and frame.

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I think the closest thing to this in the DIY CNC build category would be the LowRider2 CNC

Both systems appear to be suspending the gantry with bearings on the work surface or in the case of the LowRider, roller blade skate wheels.

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The videos suggest its a belt.

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Wow that Lowrider looks very nice. The Yeti seems like a commercialized one of a similar type. I wish there was more info on the Lowrider. Was curious if the way he solved the gantry would fit in with the maslow mkii design.

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The lowrider also has a active community. I’m currently trying to convert my MPCNC into a Lowrider.

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