Z-Axis adapter size for Bosch GMF 1600 CE

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I need to know before I order, what size of adapter I need to chose with the Z-Axis for the Bosch GMF 1600 CE. (I have ordered it but will not receive it before early january).

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Hi @matthbart,

Try if you can find a spare parts list for this router. not sure if this will help. Some brands give more details then others

I am not sure what region you are in. I am in AUS. We are doing an investigation with respect to the Bosch router that you are referring to. The GMF 1600 CE is the fixed base with the interchangable motor which is the GOF 1600 CE.

I am expecting the fixed base in next week (Mid week so I will post the diameter of the thread with the fine adjust cap removed) .

I could not find any data on the screw diameter of the manual.

I have found that the fixed base Bosch Part Number is

PN 1600A001CJ GKF 1600 (Copy Base for GOF 1600)

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Thanks a lot, I’ve tried to find it as well but cannot. I need to know because I need to order the adapter before the end of the week (when ordering Z axis). I will check with Maslow if I can change in the near future if I realize I need another one…

Thanks for your help!

Only can tell for the GOF 2000 CE I am using. It is 8mm on the 2000.

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Thanks a Lot, I will go for 8mm!

I’m choosing the gmf 1600 because it has two bases, and I will need to swap from one to the other to work with the router when not in use so, I hope this will work.

Thanks a lot anyway, it helps a great deal!


Doesn’t have bosch somekind of support that we can ask about this stuff…

I mean, the better they help the bigger the chance that people like us actually buy their stuff. They can create a niche market just by sharing info that they have available…

yes 8mm is correct :slight_smile:


This is exactly the line I took with my friend that works for Bosch in Australia. If we can get the data we need then there are more potential sales not just locally in Australia but wherever a maslow has been shipped to.

I have been looking for an exploded schematic listing thread diameter of the after lock fine adjust with no luck so I am just going to wait for next week and get the micrometer out.

I purchased the Z-Axis today and went with the 8mm adapter so hope this is ok.



Hey Matt,

I’m about to build something for my GOF 1600 CE, You will need to exchange a lot of things.

  1. The Ring that connects the chains with the plate needs to be larger and the z-Achsis is by default only 1.6mm configurable. I’m trying to biuld a matel based structure arround the GOF 1600 mount to use the full 60mm z-achsis. My current work is found here:


This not fully ready yet. It will use the maslow z-achsis motor to rotate 2 spindles that pull the whole machine down towards the bottom.

You will also need 4 axial ball bearings, 2 x 60 teeth pulleys and one 20 teeth pully and 2 x 350mm 8mm spindles. As soon as I have finished construction I’ll post everything here.

Cheers Richi