Z-Axis shaft coupler specification collection

I would be looking for the Z-axis shaft coupler specs (diameter, etc.) for the
Makita RC0700C with the plunge base (195563-0)

I have not yet fully decided on a router, but since the shaft coupler (Z axis) needs to be known during the Maslow CNC order process I would be looking for the correct specs.
This thread might as well end up being the collection of shaft coupler specs for routers out there.

There’s a wiki page for this type of information at https://github.com/MaslowCNC/Mechanics/wiki/Tested-Routers-List. The Makita has not been added to the page yet.

If people post the information to this thread, I’m happy to transcribe it to the wiki. We’re looking for the following:

Model #
Cost (approx)
Collet size
Ease of attaching Z-axis
Shaft connector size
Variable speed (y/n)
Illuminated (y/n)
Dust collector (y/n)

Pros/Cons, General comments

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great news - hopefully we find someone with the Makita being able to measure …
I will contribute as soon as I have everything delivered and working …

Also consider that the plunge base is not ideal for how the z axis is supposed to work - most plunges are having you push down against the plunge springs with decent force whereas the z axis is designed to spin the fine adjustment depth knob found on many (not all) fixed non plunge router bases.

Wondering if the depth-stop can be locked so Z-Motor could drive it down. From pictures, it does not look like. The Makitas I found did not have that option. The brand would have been my first choice.

thx for the reply, but I do not quit understand the implication of your feedback.
maybe you can elaborate a bit more on this ?

Take a look at this topic and the video. http://forums.maslowcnc.com/t/router-festool-any-experiences/291
If the depth-stop can’t be locked, the z-motor can move the bit out of the workpiece but not pull it back down. The Makitas I have seen on my search for a router, did not have that option. Check also the first part of https://github.com/MaslowCNC/Mechanics/wiki/Bosch-GOF-2000-CE,-More-Photos

I guess I get the point.
Since router options in Europe are different: how would I be able to find a router with z-axis automation option.
In shops around here, I will not find a wider variation on routers displayed, one or two models maybe.

Is there a list of routers known to work ?

There is an EU rebranded version of the Ridgid Router… See:

@tutenchamun I don’t know where you live. Back in Germany, I would have a huge amounts of built-marts to search and play with routers. Here in Bahrain, I searched the entire country (staggering 20km wide and 36km long) to find the only router on this island that was fit for Z-automation. You can always post the brands, models and pictures, if you are not sure about what you have found. One thing I’ve learned about this Maslowian community is, that you are not left alone. The feedback is exceptional. Worst case is, that you have to order from some online shop.

needs more people like you too add new routers.

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Bugger, my existing router definitely won’t work with the automated Z-Axis however, it seems to be impossible to find a fixed based router which would suit the Z-Axis kit in Australia… The closest thing I can find to what what may suit is the Makita RT0700CX2 plunge base router.

Makita RT0700CX2

According to the manual:
“…While pressing the fast-feed button, raise the stopper pole until the desired depth of cut is obtained. Minute depth adjustments can be obtained by turning the adjusting knob (1 mm per turn). By turning the stopper pole setting nut clockwise, you can fasten the stopper pole firmly. Now, your predetermined depth of cut can be obtained by loosening the lock lever and then lowering the tool body until the stopper pole makes contact with the adjusting hex bolt of the stopper block…”

Obviously I don’t want to invest $340 on another plunge router to find out I’m a gronk and that it was never going to be suitable for the Z-Axis kit in the first place. Any input would be greatly appreciated as this dilemma is holding me up from purchasing the Maslow via the recently released waitlist and I don’t want to miss out!!

Product Description:

Product Manual:


Sorry but stopper pole is a device to stop the body when pushed down manually onto the turret (67 & 68). So this is not a screwing mechanism to raise & lower the body i’m afraid…
Another one bites the dust!!

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Unless you find a simple solution to securely lock 66 to 67 (I see chances), you are lost with this one, assuming Z-motor. I feel with you on not finding options for routers. Had to go with a bulky and huge fixed base because it was the my option. If you are up to it, you are free to explore other options. There are wonderful Router-Lifts on this forum, giving you freedom of even considering spindles. Sadly I am not in the state of providing the thinks, but our Friends will jump in here.

Agreed that if you can lock it to 68 better :slight_smile:

Thanks for the really prompt responses guys!

Indeed it appears finding suitable routers to accommodate the Z-Axis kit is quite difficult - particularly for all of us outside of the US and EU. I have played with the idea of purchasing a rigid router from the US with a decent 110v-240v transformer but I’ve heard the frequency difference (60Hz to 50Hz) in power delivery can cause power tools to behave quite badly (stuttering, etc.).

For this reason I have also abandoned the idea of shipping a US only pre-order of the shaper origin CNC to use in Australia…

I have the makita RT0700CX2 and i am planning to use it on the maslow, but there is no way to connect the z-axis easily. I am planning to build a router lift. There are pictures on the forum of people who allready built it.

As I already know my current router is not compatible with the z-axis kit I’ll be buying a new router for my Maslow build. Considering it’s still unclear as to what the best router option is within the Australian market, would it be possible to purchase the z-axis kit without a coupler and purchase one which suits at a later date?

I guess my real question is: will the couplers be available for sale as individual parts?


shaft couplers are available in many size combinations from many suppliers. They
are used in CNC mills and 3D printers, some sizes are very common (and cheaper),
but you can get just about anything you are interested in.

Hey there,
I am looking for a non US alternative too. The recommended AEG version costs almost double here. On my research I came up with this Bosch POF 1400 ACE router wich seems to have an easy accessable Z-Control. (Check this Video around 1:15 https://youtu.be/Ol82z88oq20?t=1m15s).

Do you guys think this router would work with the Maslow?

Yes it does, but get the 1200 and save yourself a bit of money