Bosch POF1200 or 1400

Finally received my Maker made bundle kit, I am in the UK and been looking at Routers, interested in either the Bosch 1200 or 1400 models, would the 1400 which costs about £30 extra compared to the 1200 model be worth buying, is there any advantage apart from obvious slightly more power. Is the Z motor easily installed on either model.

To my understanding the Bosch 1200 and 1400 are the same “under the hood”. The only difference is the adjust knob.

See this thread


Hi and thanks for quick reply, just checked video but from what I can make from posted comments and his replies he has not fully tested the mod because of other commitments.
Has anyone carried out this mod or similar on either of the Bosch routers with success.

Multiple people have (me included).
See this thread for more information:

Yeah I have too. Feels a bit wrong taking to a brand new one with a hacksaw and dremmel but you gotta do it. :slight_smile: