Z Axis and Right motor Not working

This morning I was building a custom Z axis mount for the Triton router and after some jamming of the motor the Z axis and right motor now do not work. I’m thinking that the motor drive chip has been overloaded, does this sound reasonable? I tried the test motors option and only one motor runs, I get fail for the other two. I’ll do more tests tomorrow but it looks like I’ll have to swap the chip.
It looks like other people have had the same problem, is there a design issue here?

That does sound like a damaged chip. :neutral_face:

Yes, I’ve ordered some and will swap the chip off, it’s no great problem, I have the equipment to do that.
I posted elsewhere, but personally I’d have gone for the other package with the thermal tab and bolted a heat sink to that. I suspect having the heat sink on the top of the SM package is not ideal. The thermal mount is on the bottom of that package.

Having through-hole pins is easier to replace, too :smile:!

OK, I got new chips yesterday and fitted one this morning.

I added heatsink compound on the bottom and top of the chip.


then a heat ‘sink’ from bottom to top:


Then I soldered the chip to the board. I had to bend the legs straight so they could reach the board.


Then I used the trick I saw on another forum post to cable tie the heatsinks on:


I’m hoping the metal from bottom to top will help cool the chip better so I don’t get the failure I had before.