Z axis depth problem

Hey guys, just got my Maslow up and running. I am using easel to design and exporting the file to run in ground control. My problem is that I can not cut all the way through a 1/2 mdf board. I’ve zeroed out the z axis multiple times and have set the depth, in easel, all the way to .75 inch. Watching the z axis in GC it never goes past .48. I’ve got to be missing something simple, any help would be appreciated.


Hi @dsinnott79,
I can come up with a number of sanity checks that you could do.

  1. Ensure that the pitch of the z-axis is correct for your setup.
  2. Are you setting the z-axis to zero before you start cutting.
  3. When you are at zero, and your bit is touching your top surface, do you have enough length left in your bit to cut through the wood.
  4. Please let us know what your setup is. With the classic z-axis setup people have come across challenges where the router runs into the z-axis bracket and cannot go deeper. You can also check if your spring loaded z-axis clip which connects the z-axis with the router is still engaged or is forced to disengage.

Also, not sure how you are cutting, but as a rule of thumb you should not be cutting deeper than the diameter of your bit in a single pass. How many passes have you programmed to run through the bit?

I hope those questions help to get you back on track.
Happy chipping.