Z-Axis Issue ...---

New maker kit latest firmware and Ground control.

Z-axis makes Left motor hum. No noise from Z motor.

I read another troubleshooting post here where OP was using webcontrol with a similar issue and solved by turning off Diagonal in webcontrol settings.

I loaded up Webcontrol and made sure diagonal was off. I tested motor and the Z-Axis motor made a high pitched Morse code sound for 1/2 second and stopped. No movement.

I’m starting to think it’s a bad Z-axis motor.


What do you get when you run Actions -> Test Motors / Encoders?

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The Morse code sound

And it says “Test failed”?

What happens if you plug that motor into a different port (ie the port usually for the left or right motor)?

I’ve been tempted to do that but afterwards I’d need to recalibrate and having gone through that 34 times already I’ve been reluctant to give it a go.

Any suggestion on how to do that test without losing calibration?

if the motors aren’t moving, you don’t have calibration in any case.

but if you save your groundcontrol.ini file, that’s where the calibration is

a silly question, are you sure the Z axis is turned on in the settings?

David Lang

Z-axis is on.

Left and right motors are on and work. Z axis motor makes a high pitched Morse code like sound and sometimes makes the left or right motors hum but not move.

You do not have to recalibrate if all you need to do is reset the chains.

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Actions -> Advanced -> Set Chain Lengths Automatic is the button you want for that

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