Z axis motor runs non stop at random times

Thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time out of their day to offer support for all new users!

Just got a new board, fixed my old non functioning right motor problem.
Got up and running. Calibration successful, ran 3 pieces. 2 of them were quite long programs.

In the middle of the second piece (already ran it once with no problems) the z axis motor ran away on me. Checked connections, all seems tight. Read on the forum about potential cause as loose connection.
So I zip tied and secured all cords to isolate any movement.
Try to run again, same problem, so I moved the power cord to router just in case it interferes.
Still same problem, it could happen in the first 10 seconds of the program or 2 hours in.

Other than a possible issue on the cord or the motor I am not sure what to check or do next.
If the connections are this sensitive is there not a better type?


You are on top of it! Darn. That’s what I was going to suggest :grin:

What version of the Z-axis do you have again? Perhaps a picture could help us?

I’ve got the motor for the makermade M2 kit.


You might want to check the connector on the motor to make sure a pin did not bend and is not connecting.

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Thanks, I was almost hoping one was bent to explain the weird behaviour. However all pins are good.

I was recalibrating to improve my accuracy and it happened while doing the hole drilling during calibration. That was a first, I had also considered that maybe my G code had an error in it during the program run.

I wonder if this is a hardware or software problem? I’ve ordered another Cord and Motor to eliminate the hardware factor. Not sure what other software I could use to also run my programs and see if the problem goes away?

Does anyone know if static electricity build up can interfere with electronic signals? I have considered trying to ground out the whole system since my frame is currently elevated and hanging off my wall.

Does the motor run continuously all the time? What happens when you just jog the Z-Axis up and down, does it work correctly?

if you can Jog correctly, you may also want to check your Z axis settings. I assume you are using makerverse since you have the M2, so you will want to check your Z-Axis resolution (not in front of my machine at the moment so I am not sure of the correct term).

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No it does not run continuously all the time.

I have not noticed a pattern.

It has happened during a program runs:
-Once during z axis movement, cutting a tab.
-Mostly during some random time while only X Y movement.
-Once during z axis movement, cutting a tab.

It has occurred once during calibration during a z axis movement.

It has also occurred while the machine is sitting idle but with power on and connected to the laptop and “open” in Makerverse.

I can manually move the machine around in Makerverse and control the X. Y and Z axis’s. Jogging the Z axis up and down works correctly when in Makerverse.

I am a relative newbie, so I am not an expert, but I had the same sort of problems when one of my motor connections was loose. It was making enough connection to work most of the time but would sometimes move just enough to affect the connection and then would have a motor go wild.

And it can be any motor connection at the board or motor end. I only fixed it by disconnecting every motor at both ends and reconnecting after checking the pins.

Ok Thanks for sharing your similar experiences. I am very carefully experimenting with pinching the 6 pin receiver on the cord for a tighter fit.

If I get progress I will share the results.

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Just received my new Z axis motor and new cable.

First test: Replace only the cable, run program, z axis goes crazy during elevation change. Eventually also goes berserk when resetting for zero.

Second test: Replace only motor, first impression is motor sounds different than original. Not sure that means anything.

Run a few test programs drilling, routing out pockets, profile cuts… all good.

Load up my big cut program with 6000+ lines of code, runs for 2.5 hours straight even with a bit change and no issue.

Crossing my fingers it was the motor connections or something else that is now eliminated.

Thanks to anyone who helped with ideas on how to solve!


Fantastic! I’m happy to hear it. Hopefully we’ll be able to help the next person with this issue narrow down on it even faster.

glad you got it working, hopefully warranty covered the replacement motor cost.