Z axis issues ( Solved )

Hi all,
Well I’m finally cutting and creating dust.
I had a big issue with my z axis doing weird and wonderfull things so I thought I would let you know my solution just in case someone is having the same issue.
When I put power onto my spindle my z would plunge/ clime and the ground control buttons did nothing. Turns out the spindle cable was causing noise on the motor cable making z uncontrollable. I originally ran both cables parallel with each other to the sled but to solve the issue I now have my power cable running along the floor and it’s working fabulously.
Happy cutting


You could put some noise suppressor clips on the wires; that usually takes care of the interference.

Are you referring to ferrites? Where would you put them? On the router power cord?

Yes, on the power cord and also on the motor cable.

That should take care of the problem.


Added this to the Troubleshooting Guide on the wiki. Thanks for reporting this!

another option might be to put all the signal wires into a metal braided sleeve instead of the PET sleeve. Ground one end, and you should have a very effective shield.


Not sure what the flexibility is like, though.

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Hello it is brilliant!!, My Z axis seems to be working better now, had big problem when I told it to execute it started, but no carving at the start and gradually started to carve deeper to depth I wanted. thanks very much if this cures my z axis problem