Z-Axis kit needed

If anyone has a Z-axis kit they want to sell please let me know as I am not sure when they will be available in the store again as I missed out on the last batch.

If so let me know how much you would like to sell it for and I will let you know if I am interested at the price.

Kind Regards Stuart.

Better to use the forum PM system, or at least obfuscate your email address. It’s been harvested and you’ll be seeing more spam real soon now

Thanks Mooselake. Removed my email.


I’ve been dealing with spam since the early email days. Back then it was my job, now it’s just an obsession^^^^^^^^^hobby


We’re working on getting more for sale as soon as the motor manufacturer can get us more motors!

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Thanks for that Bar. I missed out on the last batch so really don’t want to miss out on the next one.

Regards Stuart


Most people miss that the original RFCs were written in a time of mutual trust between systems. We can no longer assume trust between systems.


Our first mail server was available to anyone. At least until somebody on a BBN dial account sent half a million spam emails with it. I learned a lot about configuring sendmail that day.

We’re still paying for all that openness.