Z axis motor back end loose

Hi, any thoughts on what might be causing the motor section to loosen from the gearbox? I will attempt to dismantle to see if something needs tightening. See attached video clip.

2 screws:

Be careful when opening, not like in this picture, on my motors what looks like a lid should be considered the ‘bottom’, so opened with the ‘lid’ down. Otherwise the gears and spacers fall apart.

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Yep, those 2 screws were loose and also the 3 long screws holding the gearbox to the motor. See pic. Could you ask your motorDSC_0007%20(1) supplier to make sure they use threadlock on these items as I have now done. Thanks, Mike.

I was wondering if I should be lubricating the lead screw at all, views appreciated please, see pic.

. If so what would be the best choice of lubricant?

That goes to the 3 new sellers I guess. I think they have stocked, so perhaps for new batches it could interest them.

I missed the ‘Z axis’ in the title and posted a picture of the chain motor. Sorry, and thanks for the pics of an opened Z-motor. Have not seen the inside till now.