Z motor direction 1 fail

Hey guys, I’m having an issue with my Maslow. I’ve fiddled with it off and on since getting it. So I don’t have a good idea of what I am doing, but this morning while trying to start a project I noticed I couldn’t get the bit to go up. After trying to adjust it manually in ground control I ran the motor test and it showed the errors below

Testing z motor
Direction 1 - Fail
Direction 2 - Pass

Is the motor blown?
If so, where can I order a new one?

All other motors tested fine

It sounds like the cable for the z motor might not be fully plugged in. I’ve had trouble with mine coming partially off at the motor, I use a wrap of tape to hold the cable to the motor.

Does the motor does move both directions during the motor test?

You could swap connections on the driver board between the z motor and one of the other motors to see if the failure report changes (motor/cable problem) or not (circuit board problem), but you would need to recalibrate the chains after putting the cables back to normal.