Z axis motor pinout

Does anyone know the the pinout of the z axis kit motor? I am playing around with some arduino programming.


The picture @Bar has shared has a so low resolution that it’s hard to read.
My guess is:

  • motor -
  • motor +
  • hall sensor Vcc
  • hall sensor Grnd
  • hall sensor A {Vout?)
  • hall sensor B {Vout?)

Kind regards, Gero

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Here’s a clearer copy…


@Keith How and where did you get that? Tried all search methods i could come up with.
The post i have it from mentioned that Bar has put it on GitHub. I remember taking a copy from there with the same low resolution. Today i could not find it on GitHub within 3 minutes.
If that low resolution image is still there, it would be worth to replace it.

I think I got it from the mfg site, but I don’t remember. I downloaded it and have a copy in my photos along with the spec sheet for the other motor.

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Something i would never do… i did :crazy_face:
I abused my rights and edited @bar 's post here

Edit: and mine below
Next to find it on Git and a place to add it in the Wiki


It seems the setup is not a stepper motor. It is a standard DC motor with encoder feedback.

I am guessing Motor + is Vin… Motor - is GND. This is powered with PWM for speed control.

Does anyone know the format of the hall A and B output?

Defiantly no steppers on the Maslow in original version. All 3 DC with encoders.

Edit: Not sure if it helps, anyway:
Take a look at the system.cpp in the Firmware.

else if(pcbVersion == 1){
    //PCB v1.1 Detected
    //MP1 - Right Motor
    encoder1A = 20; // INPUT
    encoder1B = 21; // INPUT
    in1 = 6;        // OUTPUT
    in2 = 4;        // OUTPUT
    enA = 5;        // PWM
    //MP2 - Z-axis
    encoder2A = 19; // INPUT
    encoder2B = 18; // INPUT
    in3 = 9;        // OUTPUT
    in4 = 7;        // OUTPUT
    enB = 8;        // PWM

    //MP3 - Left Motor
    encoder3A = 2;   // INPUT
    encoder3B = 3;   // INPUT
    in5 = 10;        // OUTPUT
    in6 = 11;        // OUTPUT
    enC = 12;        // PWM

Edit 2: ‘Defiantly’ was not the word i was looking for… (foreign language member)
Kindly ignore that word. Perhaps ‘certainly’ would fit more :man_shrugging:

I think there has been some work on this in the forums. You might want to try a search on “encoders”. I would find some threads for you, but I am just on a quick break at work at the moment.

note the difference between the pins on the arduino/motor board and the motor

they are very different

David Lang

the hall A and B outputs are standard quadrature encoder outputs

David Lang


Thank you. The word I was looking for was quadrature.

I am working on converting my maslow over to a more conventional XY rectangular system. I will make some post about this when I get there.

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take a look at corexy.com that approach can make it so you only have the Z motor
moving (easier wiring) and can avoid having any chain under the workpiece to
collect sawdust.

David Lang


does anyone know what connector is used on the original z-motor, or at least that one from Makers Made?
I didn’t have the original one in my early kit, so ordered a replacement z-axis motor, assuming they all have the same connectors.
I now have the motor ( Z-axis replacement motor from Makers Made ) , but not the cable, and it seems to be with a smaller connector than the X and Y motor…
Could someone help out please?
Many thanks in advance

@marcething that is correct, the original motor also has the smaller connector. Maker Made is the same parts source as the original Maslow. Do you have a Z cable from a Maslow kit? or are you saying you have a 3rd chain drive motor cable? Or you need to get a cable for Z?

Thank you

Here you go. The connector on the motor itself is this one.

Super, Thanks a lot

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