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Z axis just stopped responding

I just got my m2 together and have been trying to calibrate the machine. Was close last nite but gave up.i came back today and suddenly my z axis is just not working anymore.? i checked the plugs the motor moves a little when being plugged in.
any help would be appreciated.

What do you see when you run the Test Motors/Encoders function?

I’m sorry I didnt know there was such a function. I’m kind of a newbie with computers.where do I find that option?Im Using makerverse 1.1.2 windows 10 with arduino due.
Thank you very much for your help!

I don’t actually know a whole lot about makerverse, I’ve never used it myself :grimacing:

@MakerMadeCNC might be able to tell us where it is

I contacted them just haven’t heard back yet. Gettin nervous no number to talk to anyone either!!

They might be a little slow, but they will get back to you.

WebControl will work with MakerMade machines, it might be worth giving it a try

Thank you I appreciate the help.

Can I use web control with the arduino due? Sorry if my questions are silly.

UPDATE!! I wiped my settings in the calibration menu and got control of my z axis again !! I’m a little disappointed with maker made I contacted them three days ago and still no response from them. As much as I love the machine and want it customer support is a big deal to me…

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Excellent! That is great news! Nice work :grinning:

For the record I was in touch with the folks from maker made got in on the thurs zoom call!! Got me back on track!! I’m dying to use this thing . Thank you to everyone that helped !!

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