Reversing z axis

Gday all. it seems my z axis is running in reverse. when i hit lower the bit rises into the router as if to cut shallower and when i hit rise it goes out as if it was cutting deeper. is there a setting i can change.
I nearly had a fire because the bit was extended all the way and the collet was rubbing against the wood.

where you tell ground control the pitch of the threaded rod, change it to a
negative number and the direction will reverse.


Is this happening with a stock Z-axis kit?

Are you using the Ridgid or another router?

Some routers zaxis adjustments turn in the opposite direction from the Ridgid. If this is the case for you changing you zaxis pitch in the GC settings to be negative should solve it.

If you have a ridgid or another that turns in the same direction and this is still happening, then I wonder if we have a crossed wire.