Z Axis back to front

Hey All,

Finally getting around to finishing up the setup of my maslow and calibrating. (so excited)
However while calibrating my z axis, whenever I plunge the bit moves away from the work surface, and if i raise it, it moves towards the work surface… is that correct?

When I set zero and go next, it moves the bit so my sled is lifted off the work surface (routers not running atm)

Any help / suggestions would be appreciated…



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You can reverse the direction buy adding a - (minus) to Z-pitch in GC settings.


Perfect, that’s what I was after Gero

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Is there any easy way to test the z-axis pitch value? ie make the motor do one revolution from 1 so we can make sure it’s correct?

Or is it just trial and error to get it right?

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Nevermind, sorted. Ended up doing it manually.

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the best way to do this is to use a dial indicator, move the Z axis and see if
the indicator matches the distance you expect it to move.

In general, if you have the encoder, gear ratio, and thread pitch right, it will
be very precise, but if the gear ratio isn’t what the manufacturer claims it is,
you will want to do testing.