Z axis reverse?

Is the an option to reverse the z axis im using a mastercraft router and clockwise is down. Can the software/hardware setting be set to reverse?

I’ve seen this answered before somewhere. I think (dont recall) you can just change the pitch to a negative number. “Z-Axis Pitch… the number of mm moved per rotation of shaft”. And you might need to change the value of the number to match the mastercraft router.


That worked! Thank you!


Just wondering what coupler size you used with the mastercraft? I have one as well and I’m about to order the Z-Axis kit.

Please also let us know, once you have your Maslow working, the details of your build (e.g. what model Mastercraft router, what size coupler, what modifications you had to make, etc.) so we can add it to the wiki.


MAXIMUM Fixed/Plunge Router-11A, 2HP motor runs 11,000 - 25,000 RPM
The coupler is 8mm unfortunately I got my kit with the default couple so I had to cram a nail in there lol and I had to use negative Z axis pitch at -3.1


For anyone using the Bosch MRF23EVS, the setting I am using for the Z-axis Pitch is -1.588


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Hi, I cannot find where in settings the Z axis reverse or ‘-’ setting can be done. Could you point me towards this please. Thanks. Mike.

Ground Control -> Settings -> Z-Axis pitch

Ah, I see. On my screen there is nothing showing below ‘Z axis installed’ and the window side bar slider is not showing so I can’t scroll down. Any thoughts?

Mouse wheel?

My laptop mouse wheel equivalent does not work I have just discovered and nor do any of the scroll buttons! I rescued an ancient long lost mouse from it’s hiding place (it was not best pleased) but gave it some tlc and it’s done the job. Maybe I need a new laptop! Thanks for the tip.

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I guess 2-finger gestures will also not work :slight_smile:
Mouse is cheaper then a laptop.
Wondering about the scree size you have…
I can click-hold-drag the settings window up- down, did not know that until now.