Z-axis works on motor/encoder test but not while ruinning calibration

Stuck on calibration. X and y motors work perfectly, but z-axis motor does nothing while running the calibration, therefore not cuts are being made. The z axis responds and passes when using the motor/encoder test button. I am using firmware and ground control version 1.28 on Bee’s arduino - “blue smoke herder shield” board with a Linux (Kubuntu) laptop. Issues with python deprecation in 2.7 have kept me from being able to get webcontrol up and running. I have done a little Python scripting style programming in the past, but got lost very quickly in dependency hell trying to get the newer holey calibration stuff to run. I maybe will have to face the Python learning curve to get this running, but was wondering if anyone has had similar z-axis errors? Maybe there’s a simple fix?

Check your z axis is enabled in the options.

Webcontrol uses python 3.5. Just download the release, it should just work unless you want to install for development, then I would use the newest version of python. The hardest part for me was installing the opencv, but I was trying to add features, not just run it. Just running it, try the link above which points to the linux single folder version. Just untar/unzip it and run it with


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Thx. I’ll try it out.

Thanks for help! Up and running!

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Great to hear!

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