2 Flute Compression Bit Feeds & Speeds

Has anybody been using the 2 Flute Compression Bit yet?

Just wondering what kind of speed, feed and plunge for MDF I should be using without burning out my bit trying to figure it out.

compression bits only work properly when you are cutting full depth in one pass
(with the middle of the bit in the middle of the workpiece)

Cool, with a full depth I imagine its going to limit my feed rate quite a bit. Any idea what feed rate to try?

These bits are designed to engage both up and down flutes at just 1/8th inch of depth so you don’t have to go all the way through. I would recommend doing a 1/8th in pass or maybe a little more at .14 or so and then running at 40ipm

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Winston Moy covers it here -

Seeing how it works is much better then trying to describe it.

Thank you


Mo at Inventables also did several videos on bits and feed rates through different materials, e, plywood, HDPE, acrylic, pvc, etc.


I just picked up some cheap 1/4" plywood and a few different styles of HSS bits to play with. Looking forward to some weekend learning!


Ok, So the physics of the maslow do not lend itself to full dept cutting with a compression bit. In the corners where the sled is relying on chain tension and gravity to keep it in place a lot of bit torque causes lines to warp. I also hit a repair patch in the plywood and the bit deflected around it.

Guess I should stick to multiple passes and be more patient.