Bit clogging up

Using a compression bit and it clogs up pretty bad, don’t really have this issue with 2 flute ups or straight. Feedrate 30, plunge depth .15" , router speed 12000. Any ideas.

a compression bit only works correctly if you are cutting the side of a board,
and the center of the bit is in the middle of the workpiece.

If you are cutting a slot in the board, you will hit a depth where the top of
the bit is forcing the sawdust down and the bottom of the bit is driving the
sawdust up, and there’s no place for it to go.

the maslow cuts so shallowly, that a compression bit is almost never going to be

straight or upcut but are probably going to work the best (downcut will leave a
nicer top edge, but it drives the sawdust down into the cut where it has no
place to go)

David Lang

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What is the material that you are cutting? Is it wood?

3/4" pine ply

Hmmm yeah I wouldn’t expect it to clog up like that with pine ply.

I wonder if maybe the glue is acting up? It might just not be the right but for that brand of plywood