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2D contour missing passes

Hi everyone,

I was trying to optimize time laying down two pieces next to each other by the bit diameter.
I used the 2D contour as I only need to cut the contour of them and it won’t go between the two pieces as you can see on the picture.

Anyone has any idea what could it be?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Ignasi Cabani

My first thought was that they’re too close together? It might not go if it’s exactly the bit diameter.

Or Maybe you’re selecting both at once rather than telling it to go around one and then the other?

Not helpful, sorry.


God damn it, you’re a genius and I’m an idiot! :joy:

I did selected together but I separated them by 4mm and there is a 0.01mm tolerance which must be there! no wonder why “it wouldn’t fit”.

Separated them by the tolerance and solved…

Cheers mate