3D files or two level files

Hi everyone,
I know that I can’t do true 3D carvings, but are there files that can make items that have 2 different levels on the project like a flag?

you can do 3d carvings as long as there is enough material for the sled to ride
on, so 2 level carvings are not a problem unless the pockets are too bug.

if you search the forums for flag you should find some examples

David Lang

I have read that the Z axis driver is actually linked to one of the other drivers, so profiling may not be the greatest thing. This has a picture of the Millenium Falcon madgrizzle made, I love it Project of the Week for Feb 20, 2018. It looks awesome!

That is not a problem.

David Lang

Oh awesome! I read that in a thread on the forum here somewhere and it had me concerned. I’m also sure that you know though, so thank you for clearing that up.