3D Printed Chain Guides

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what percent infill did you use?

I printed one side (at 30% infill), and it snaps on nicely, but it runs against the chain adjacent to the sprocket. Also, it’s not clear where the extra screw is, or how to attach the zip ties. I’d like to replicate this but having some trouble.

OK, sorry I didn’t look at all the files in the folder. I see the answers to most of the questions I had. I will try moving the sprocket and see [if/how much] it rubs.

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@jwolter it is @Sean_E

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Thanks! :gear:

I printed it on my fmd printer and it works great


where can i purchase those?

my email is wmentinc@aol.com

where can i purchase those? My email is wmentinc@aol.com

Sorry, I’m not aware that they are available commercially. The four vendors who offer kits and parts are:

Another possibility is that you could take the files from the Community Garden and submit them to a company that prints and ships. I have never done this myself, so I can’t say who those companies are, but I bet someone else around here could recommend.

Yet another possibility is to take the files to your local makerspace and use their equipment to print them yourself. Some makerspaces are free to use and only charge for materials.

Finally, I should note that the Maslow Forums are public. You don’t even need an account to browse them. So there’s a good chance if you leave your email address in the messages above a host of web-crawling spam-bots will get it. I recommend editing out your email address and only send that kind of information via private message.

Good luck!

I can print these and ship them if anyone would like - all I ask is $5 to cover the shipping for US addresses. They’d be printed in PLA. Shoot me a PM if you’re interested.

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I am interested and would like to have 2 each. how should i pay for them?

Bill Meadows
1457 SW Andrews Lane
Port Orchard WA, 98367

Hi Bill,

By two each, you mean 2 sets of R and L chain guides (so 4 in total)?

Paypal is. Venmo is (PM me :slight_smile: )

I shipped a set to AL and it was ~$7. I would guess shipping to WA is around ~$10? You can wait to pay until I get the exact amount.

I’ll get them in the mail either today or tomorrow.


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Great let me know how much to send you.

Nijay, I would like to purchase a set of the chain guides for the Maslow CNC machine. Are you still proving them?

I have a couple sets sitting around, waiting to find a home. PM me your address and I’ll send them your way (assuming the post office doesn’t shut down). Shipping seems to come to $7-$10 depending where in the country you are.

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How much is the set including shipping? My address is 1634 Graybark Avenue, Clovis, CA 93619. Let me know what the shipping will be.