3D Printed Linkage

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There seems to be an issue with one of the Unicode characters in this project not being handled right by the garden which is making the page not show up. I’m working on a fix right now

**Edit:**Should be fixed by PR #23 and the page will show up when the Garden regenerates in the next five minutes


What a cool thing!


Indeed very cool thing.
1 question:
could you please check the size of the STL files?
I think they are scale 1/10th but could you please check?

Or maybe the sizes even needs to be multiplied by 25,4 ?


does this kit has the same dimensions as the original one? Especially the hole placement of the base part?


I’m trying to decide how many of which parts need to be printed. It is hard to tell from the photo, but it looks to me like:

  • 2x Arm 1
  • 8x Arm 2
  • 8x HingePin
  • 8x HingeNut
  • 2x ChainHolder

and that I’d need 10 pairs of nuts and bolts.

I’d also love some recommendations for printing settings, such as how much infill is needed.

you want the linkage to be as stiff as possible, any deflection translated into
up to 2x deflection in cutting error.

The forces on the linkage can be pretty high (stock frame can generate up to ~40
pounds of tension on each chain)

David Lang

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Was there an update on this? x amount of each part? recommended infill? Scaling?
If scaled x 10 and seems about the right size but just want to confirm