A project with a little Maslow in it

I have been too busy to get much Maslow time in, but one of the things that has occupied me these last few weeks is the primary reason I bought Maslow. I used the machine on this one and learned a lot, but still need some improvements. Obviously, there’s not a lot of Maslow work in this, but there is some. I need to dial in my aluminum cutting technique, I had problems with these parts and they will eventually be redone. Here’s what’s been keeping me busy, and what I’m making with my Maslow.


Is that a rocket stove, venting out beneath the bench next to it? What size bits do you use on the aluminum?

That space has such a good feel to it!

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It’s a derivative of rocket stove combustion designs of my own design. Yes, the bench is heated, oven under the firebox, and a water heat exchange in the downflow from the cook top to the lower sections, eventually.

My goal is to use Maslow to produce the internal core parts, but I haven’t felt like I can trust the machine to cut expensive material just yet, so I cut this one by hand.

The best bit for Al I’ve found so far is an 1/8" carbide O flute, like this:

Most of my problems were from struggling with poor bit choice and Z axis moves. I tried a lot of step depths, entry schemes, ramping, etc. In the end, simple code with an O-flute carbide bit gave the best results.


Bread baking with a view! And a warm napping spot too - heaven!

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Nice to know that Maslow can handle aluminum…

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Get a 1/2"-1/8" reducer collette
1/8" o flute bits from china are $2 each
I cut aluminum all day with them


@Rancher please consider writing up a review of your experiences with this (and any other) bit for the wiki here


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