Hopefully not completely the wrong place to post this question…

I’m considering buying a kit, including Z axis control. My plan is to use it to make, amongst other things, doors. To machine out panels in the surface would require the cutter blade to track repeatedly over the same area, a few mm deeper and offset a few mm x or y each time.

I haven’t seen any figures for the accuracy of the unit as a whole, so it would help to know that. Also very important, can it cut repeatedly without ‘drifting’ ?

Any info or advice gratefully received

the maslow has extremely good repeatability

accuracy varies drastically from person to person unfortunantly

some people are getting down to around 1mm accuracy, others are several times

the accuracy depends greatly on the accuracy of measurements during calibration
and setup, to the point that how accurate a tape measure you have matters.

We have a new calibration routine that seems to be getting better results, but
we’re still testing it (holey calibration)

David Lang

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Thanks David, that’s good to know. Personally I can live with an accuracy of 1-2mm as long as it’s highly repeatable, so this could work well for me.