Adjustable Frame Skirts/Aprons

I decided to build some adjustable skirts for my frame with what I had laying around.

Parts list:
3/4" Ply
1/4" Dowell
Wing nuts
Thumb screws
Wood screws
Wood glue
UHMW tape

Used the maslow to cut the sliders. Wing nut pressed into groove. Can use some UHMW tape to aid slipperiness.

2x4 coming off the frame behind the waste board with dowells glued in and pilot hole drilled in the end

Skirt/apron installed screws with washers screwed into the pilot hole of the Dowell rod. Thumb screw threaded into wingnut.

Use the thumb screws to apply pressure to prevent the skirt/apron from moving once positioned.

Apron extended fully and locked into place with the thumb screws.

Sorry for the poor pictures, I didn’t think about posting anything until mid way through.


great to see pictures of someone doing this. I’ve been meaning to do it on mine
for a long time but haven’t gotten around to it.

this sort of thing should be the default for the bottom instead of the 2x4

David Lang

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That looks great Tim. Thanks for sharing!

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Yeah, this is beautifully done!