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Adobe Illustrator to G-Code Converter

I found this Illustrator script for producing G-Code. It does produce gcode under Illustrator CC.

Quality I will let you folks know…


Just when I was convinced I had left my Illustrator habits behind and “grew up” enough to use actual CAD tools, you go and ruin it by letting me make G-Code from my favorite vector drawing software package.

Shame on you. And thank you! :rofl:


I know how you feel, Got a Frustration 360 subscription myself!


A little more on using this tool. You G-Code mavens know this stuff, but for this plugin you have to tell the Generator to raise and lower the router. I do this entering the ON Command of “Z -25” and the OFF Command of “Z 25”. I haven’t hooked up my Z-Axis just yet so I don’t really know exactly what these commands do.

I also found a G-Code simulator:

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Another little problem, no tool diameter. I think the paths just follow the edges in the design, not offset by half the tool diameter. Illustrator has a command that will offset the lines on the drawing.

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I often long for my favorite vector drawing package, Aldus Freehand. Whoa, dating myself here! Lol

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I loved Aldus’ selection methods. It was more CAD-ish than Illustrator. When Freehand fell out of favor I switched to Corel for a short time. Regretted it instantly.

I can’t believe how popular Corel still is. We got a CO² laser here a while back and all the documentation about vector graphics has Corel screenshots and references to Corel functions.

25 inches, or even mm, of Z movement won’t work out well. I’d suggest you make that 0.25"/6mm to start, and then adjust after you get your machine built.

One other problem I have encountered is I don’t have control over where the tool enters the workpiece. It would be very handy to have all Maslow cuts start and end at the part of the cut nearest the top.

I haven’t seen a way to control where the cuts start on a profile, but using tabs keeps the parts from moving when the profile is done. They make for a little cleanup work getting the part out of the sheet, but they protect the part from falling onto the router bit.


Good Point, I am using this to investigate G-Code editors.

I updated the plugin a while ago. Glad to see that some people find it useful.
Let me know if yo have questions or suggestions