Advice on working with Opendesk files?

Hello all,

I wanted to look into some Opendesk files, but I am running into some problems with using the files.

My current workflow for files is Onshape >> Inkscape >> Makercam >> Ground Control(Maslow).

Is there a CAD program that people have found useful to get the shapes from Opendesk?

Have not tried it but

could cut out the 2 middle and known for problems programs in you workflow.

I had to open their files in QCAD to get them to save right, but it was still a hassle

Does F360 not open DXF or SVG?

Yes, you can open DXF in Fusion360. However, I opened a DXF file from AtFab in Fusion360 and it had some issues and I haven’t figured out how to overcome the errors to create a toolpath. I believe it was a DXF problem and not necessarily a Fusion360 problem. So though all DXF files are created equal, some are more equal than others.

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