Help, I need a new OpenSource CAD/CAM today?

I have been using Onshape and VisualCAMc for my CAD and CAM…I guess this weekend they decided to limit how big a project you can make…I currently making 20 Archery Trophies for some kids this weekend…I can not generate gcode…and it fails to generate half the time…is there any opensource CAD/CAM that you can download that will generate gcode?

Do you have the .SVG file of the project?

I do not, I haven’t been able to find a way to get a DXF out OnShape.

Is the problem that there are multiple copies of the trophy in the file? Can you create gcode for one?

The Trophy is 10" circle with rings spaced every 1"…with small base…

Wanted to engrave the rings to a depth of 0.11"…the offset line is engraved 0.25"…the outside is profiled to cut to a depth of 0.8" in 0.1" passes

i have been able to get the code for inner rings saved yesterday…ended up editing the gcode to make a deeper pass using a gcode editor…

the outside profile I haven’t got the gcode for yet

Rather than trying to make one file to do multiple copies, could you make a file to do one, and then use that to cut, moving the ‘Home’ location for each cut?

if i can get my profile cut, that is what I am going to do…i just generated the profile cut finally…now if it will just download gcode

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Looks like a day of changing bits back and forth…I think I am going to buy vcarve pro very soon

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These things always crop up when the deadline gets close! Glad you’re making progress.

It isn’t opensource, but neither was onshape, so why don’t you try fusion 360?
It’s free, provided you’re not making more than $100k a year off your cnc, and it can import dxf

fusion360 doesn’t work on linux (plus it’s autodesk)

can you provide more info about this new limit of onshape? I just checked my account and didn’t see anything new about any limits.

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Hello fellow Linux people!

Here are some I use on my workstation.

Librecad is free and does a great job of creating DXFs for use in cutting on a CNC and can export SVG files. Then I use with jscut or makercam (which appears to be down for the last few days).

Freecad is also free and great for more of what you’d generally use onshape for. It has a CNC path workbench in the latest downloads for generating gcode for milling, but I have not been able to get time to try it with maslow. I did get it to do some work on a smaller CNC I have and it was ok. I’ve used it for years in the 3d printing world, so I’m used to its quirks.

Each of these programs has a learning period attached to them, but I’ve found both CAD programs good to use.

Let us know how it works out.


GitHub - vlachoudis/bCNC: GRBL CNC command sender, autoleveler …

An advanced fully featured g-code sender for GRBL. bCNC is a cross platform program (Windows, Linux , Mac) written in python. The sender is robust and fast …

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I wonder if laserweb 4’ s gcode output is compatible with maslow?

you’d still need to use a drawing program like freecad or inkscape to generate the svg/dxf, but the laserweb cam is pretty decent if it’s compatible with maslow.

OnShape doesn’t have a limit, bu CAM program that I am using, VisualCAMc, seems to have limit…if I pick just one part, I am able to get GCode out for that part, but if the part gets to large or if I try to do multiple parts at once, then it just times out…or i get a server error, or nothing…

I just assume its a limit because of the way its acting…

I suggest making one drawing and using the cam package to generate multiple paths. I use LaserWeb4 and am the dev who wrote in the DXF support. Only R12 is supported so you need to export as R12 ASCII or use the SVG import.

I am currently working on a “toolpath entry” setting so cuts are always top entry.


I use R10 ascii elsewhere.

Thank you

You could download the free trial of Estlcam. Seems to work well for me

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