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Alarm:2 (Soft Limit)

I’m moving from the original Maslow setup to an M2 from MakerMade, using Makerverse 1.0.6. I’ve run through the Workspace setup, Machine Settings and scaling setup (haven’t done an actual cut yet to confirm), but when I try to jog any axis I get no response from any of the three motors.

All three are making noise, so they should be connected, and I have reseated all the wiring to confirm it’s in there firmly. I have clicked Unlock, and Set Home but still nothing.

When I attempt to jog any axis the command window shows the correct G-code command but after trying to execute it I get the error ALARM:2 (Soft Limit) [MSG:Reset to Continue]. I searched the forums for the error and couldn’t find much. I’ve tried resetting but still get the same result. It’s acting as if some setting in the X,Y and Z axis isn’t set correctly, but I can’t find which it might be. Any help would be appreciated.

search for this problem on the grbl forums/lists.

David Lang

I encountered this. If you click the settings widget and scroll to the bottom the x/y/z soft limits are shown as

$130 x max travel
$131 y max travel
$132 z max travel

these are + and - values.

if you want to override them, disable soft limits by typing the following in the black - backed terminal:

$20 = 0

there is a setting for soft limits you chan change and save, but I can’t screenshot it right now. You’ll have to look around for it in the settings widget below the terminal widget on the left side of makerverse if using 1.1.2. If using 1.0.6, then just type it in.
when finished, reenable the soft limits


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Ok, but what are the soft limits supposed to be? I had thought these values were supposed to be already present for the M2 in Makerverse. I’ve tried simply turning off the limits using $20=0 and jogging the axis and still have no movement. Just like before, though the controller seems to be registering the commands, it’s just no longer throwing the Error ALARM:2 (Soft Limit). The Machine Position/Work Position on the right is also not updating.

According to the console presently:
$130 = 2500.000

Soft limits keep the sled and z axis from going out of bounds… If they were set correctly to begin with. I made a video for calibrating and my z axis was too high and I hit the z axis soft limit just trying to zero it. Turn it off, zero it, turn it back on. When set, they can prevent bad things from happening.

There is definitely something off with the 1.0.6 version of Makerverse I downloaded. I’m running through the 1.1.2 version and not having any issues.

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Now I’m receiving the soft limits error
ALARM:2 (Soft limit)
[MSG:Reset to continue]
I’m running the same G-code I was running a week ago, now I’m getting soft limit errors
I did wipe everything and start anew trying to get this damn thing calibrated
Does anyone have a flame thrower?
I would set the entire rig on fire, but it is in my driveway. My neighbors might complain

I’ve had issues with soft limits for the z axis with the M2. it makes sense to have it for X and Y, but not for Z because it is only an inch. You can turn it off, move the z axis and zero it, then turn soft limits back on.

Thanks a bunch.
Very helpful information

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or you can just make the z limit very very large…

I’m having the same issue. I’m trying to cut thru 2" of foam… I get the soft limit error in the middle of the cut, 4" before it is supposed to plunge another 1/2". How do I change my z limit?

you can turn off soft limits like this:

but then your sled can go out of bounds in the x and y dimensions, not just z. You turn soft limits back on by setting it back to 1.

The z axis maximum travel default is 25 mm. You can change it with $132=100 or 200, but be aware that if you have a physical limit, it won’t stop trying to get past it if your gcode tells it to go past.

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