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All motors fail test (2)


@bar I’m having a similar issue. I successfully cut the final sled last weekend but then I went to run my first real cut today and all motors fail.



  • Per @marlon61 I have checked all cables and everything is plugged in correctly and the green light is on. (Although I noticed that the yellow cable on the z-axis is severed at the point of connection on the motor.)
  • I have uninstalled and reinstalled arduino/firmware and groundcontrol
  • I attempted to test motors/encoders, which is where I got the error messages above
  • I also attempted to calibrate and, sure enough, on the “Orient each sprocket” step, Left Sprocket and Right Sprocket actions are all unresponsive.

What do you suggest?


When all three motors fail the issue is usually with the 12v power supply. Is the light on the power supply itself on and is there a light on next to the plug where the power supply attaches?


@bar thanks so much for the quick response. Alas, my tail is between my legs on this one. Your response prompted me to revisit the assembly guide and, lo and behold, I had the 12v in the microcontroller. Shame! Mea culpa on that one.


Welcome to the club! (We are more than you think :slight_smile: )