All Motors Fail When Tested


I am in the process of calibrating the Maslow CNC but when I get to the aligning the sprocket step the motors do not respond, I exit the calibration and test the motors and all motors fail all tests. After searching the forums it seems that the likely problem is the motors aren’t receiving enough power. However the multimeter states that the power supply is delivering 12V and it is plugged into the correct board.

I notice that the led light that shows the power supply is connect is much dimmer than the led light that shows the laptop is connected. See photos attached.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled all firmware and software, I’ve also triple checked all cable connections.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hmmmm, first of all awesome job reading through the forums to see how others solved the same issue.

You covered all of the things I was going to suggest. You are plugged into the right board, and the green light is on.

I still agree that this is some sort of a power issue. Do you hear any sounds from the motors at all? Does the green light stay on while the test is running?

Is there any chance it could be the outlet the machine is plugged into? Someone else recently had an issue with their outlet.

Maybe when running the test, gently move the plug that goes into the motor controller up and down and see if the intensity of the light changes at all or the motors start moving when its in a certain position?

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Hello Bar,

There never was any sound from the motor. I’ve run laptops, phone chargers, drill presses, fridges, drop saws and none of them have had any problem with the power outlet so I don’t think that is the issue.

The light won’t even turn on now when I plug the cord into it. I’ve contacted the supplier of the chip and they said they will send me a replacement. But I’d still like to fix it if I can. Is there anyway to repair a broken chip?

Kind regards

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We can always try, right? Do you have any soldering experience, or experience with electronics repair? Do you have an ohm meter?