Motors failed Test

Hi, Im setting up my Maslow CNC basic kit but Im not able to test the motors, when I try, the three of them fail. I can hear a noise coming up from each motor when its testing but all of them are marked as fail, I pressed the down arrow and the right motor moved just a little bit, can anyone help me? Thanks a lot. Im trying not to cry since its been a week at this point

Is your power supply plugged into the top board?

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The power supply is almost always the issue when all three motors fail the test. Check that when you plug in and unplug the power supply the green light turns on and off.

I’d add that if the motor moved just a little, it must be getting some power. I suppose it’s possible that the power supply is not putting out the full voltage required.

You’ve probably already done this but I would also recheck all of your cable connections from the motors to the board. Also check that they are connected to the correct ports on the board.

It will get a little bit of power from the USB connection, but hardly enough to move at all

Good to know, but (and pardon my ignorance) how does it get there?

The motor driver chips have a 5v power pin and a 12v power pin and somehow internally if there is no voltage on the 12v pin they will pull from the 5v pin. Current does not flow the other direction.

Thank you, that makes sense. Did not think this could happen.

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Did you solve your problem?

Make sure the power supply is in the top shield. The USB powers the bottom Arduino.

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