Almost square but not quite, any recommendations?

New Z-axis in action
So I’ve got the calibration sort of working and the Z-axis in place.

I’ve also fixed the damage to my Z motor (temporarily, ordered a replacement from Maslow today)

Now i’m just trying to tune in my new sled and it seems a little harder than it was with a stock unit. My original maslow build was around 1mm off on the center square test. My upgrade is now a little less reliable.

The square is supposed to be 35 by 35. As you can see it is off in both directions. Any tips on tuning this in?

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It looks like you’ve got some kind of plastic on the surface of the sled to reduce friction, so that suggestion is a non-starter.
Because your z-axis allows you to raise the router a lot, and removes obstructions that a normal base presents, you could chuck up a v-tip bit and raise its tip to the plane of the chains. That way you could measure to validate that in fact the tip is always the same distance from both chains. It will take some thinking about how to best make the measurement, but it would help answer whether the issue is hardware or software.


for making this measurement

grab the pencil bit here:

find a pencil and cut it down or snag a golf pencil and chuck it up.

Thank you