Any projects work?

after 2 days of dealing with the heat and a short temper… every file i downloaded was empty…anyone have any suggestions. i have tried to download from community garden and when i open in ground control there is nothing in the file! any help would be appreciated

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Hello @trapper433 , hard to tell what is going one with little to no information on your workflow.
So I will guess. The projects do not contain a file that is ready to cut. This is because no one knows the material and the thickness that you are going to cut on/in. The projects contain a graphical file to load in your preferred CAD/CAM program, set you dimensions, speeds and depth, to create the g-code file to load into GroundControl for your Maslow to cut. Hope this helps a bit. KInd regards, Gero

The Maslow logo contains the g-code file, first thing I cut.

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This is what I posted a while ago for making storage bins. The G code was posed there as well for 1/4 plywood if interested. Jon