Part files in GC?

I’m told there are files in GC that I can load and cut to check everything out. How do I find them? I try open file, but nothing is found. I have been bothering Bee for a few weeks now about all sorts of other thing, I think I will give him a break. Can someone point me in the right direction?

There’s a “Calibration Benchmark Testing” file and you can access it from the Actions/Advanced/LoadCalibrationBenchmarkTest button. Could this be what they were talking about? Have you already done the Actions/Calibrate sequence?

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I thought there was a Maslow logo in here somewhere.

The Maslow logo file isn’t part of the GroundControl files though the .svg file one could use to make a gcode file is.
In the Community Garden there’s a project that includes a folder with the Maslow logo .nc file. Take a look to see if that’s what’s wanted.

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