Food Storage using Maslow

This is a batch of can storage bins I used Maslow to make the sides. Take the first can and the rest roll down. This keeps rotating the cans so you don’t find one 10 years old in the back of the cabinet. The internal parts were just cut to length and width on the table saw. I have made these using a template and cut them out with a bandsaw, however this repetitive work is perfect for a Maslow

The inside circle also was much easier to clean up as Maslow makes a cleaner cut then the band saw does. I used different widths and spacing for different can sizes and each will hold a dozen or so cans depending on the can size. Here is the G code file I used Fusion 360 to make. (1.7 KB)
I just ripped a piece of 5 ply 1/4 plywood and advanced the plywood when the next piece was cut. I also made jigs to hold the internal pieces to make assembly easier. Had a bunch of low grade walnut so that is what I used.


What a great way to keep things organized…nice work!

good work. Looks real good. I will want to do this in the future.