Anyone how knows how to modify GCODE

Anyone who knows how to modify GCODE I got a .nc file and want to change the material height. Any software sugestions ?

Gcode is just a text file with numbers and letters in it. If you use windows, open it in notepad and do a ctrl+h and find/replace the number with another number. I do it periodically. Works awesome. You just have to remember to save as “any file” or it will paste a .txt on the end and you have to delete it before the gcode reader will take it. If you use mac or linux, you can use a text editor with a find/replace function and use it.

I do this when I have gcode for 3/4 ply and want the same cut with 1/2. I delete the last couple passes and then change the final z axis depth for all segments with the find replace.

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In addition to the agreed above answer:
Look at the file in what steps is Z- is going down, for example Z-2,Z-4,Z-6.
Find and replace Z-2 with Z-3, Z-4 with Z-6, Z-6 with Z-9 and so on, but you are increasing the depth per pass.
Better way is to identify the last round with the deepest depth and copy and past that part at the end, but before the end-commands in the g-gode and change the -Z only in that pasted path to add another round with deeper cuts. Repeat if needed for the thickness. Always check with a g-code viewer twice before cutting once.