How to modify existing gcode

I’m still new to the Maslow and CNC. I just made my first cuts after making the default sled. My process is making the svg file in inkscape and then making the gcode in jscut. The gcode for the default sled forces my Bosch to make deeper cuts than it’s capable of. How can I modify the code?

Are there files that are accessible in MakerCam? (It’s been awhile) if you load files into MakerCam this is where you can alter depths and whatnot. I remember the tabs not ‘coming out’ in ground control. Maybe I was inexperienced enough that it was a contributing factor.
One thing I will interject: if you’re able to make the grain vertical on your sled, it will ride more smoothly on the (primarily) horizontal grain of the stock material. I wish I had done that :blush:!

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While is’t ‘cleaner’ to adjust the g-code in the CAM software, in the workshop, in front of the Maslow i want to be faster and cut the project. The 2 things i use is a text editor, look for the deepest Z (example Z-18) and then use the search and replace function to replace a occurrences of Z-18 with Z-17. The downside is that depending on the step-down, the last path might just cut in air because the second last was already at that depth.
bCNC has a cool g-code editor allowing you to identify the complete last path and delete it altogether.
Just make sure that there is always a positive Z to safety height, before the bit moves to the next part.
bCNC also allows you to change the order of different parts to reduce ‘air-travel’ reducing the amount of cutting time significantly.


My suggestion would be to run JScut again and specify a shallower depth of cut. You can also fudge it by making the stock thickness (on the right) thinner.

Thanks for the replies. Still new to this and trying to process the suggestions. Looked into MakerCAM and that seems to be a more advanced JSCut. They both are for taking SVG files and specifying tool paths and depth from them. I don’t see a way to load Gcode and then modify those tool paths and depths.

I took a closer look at the Gcode in text editor, and it doesn’t seem quite as daunting to edit as I thought. Still need to do some studying into what all the coding means, but it doesn’t look too bad.

Now that I dig around more, the suggestion to rerun JScut could work. I see in the supplied sled files that there are svg files too.