Arduino beeping

Win 10 - M2 Maslow

is there a way to disable the constant beep form arduino, changing something in firmware maybe?

I think the motors are actually making that noise. You can try making a sound proof box around the motors perhaps? make sure there is decent air flow to keep them cool though.

is an arduino beep, not motor. it changes sound when it’s charging info or when it’s stopped

There is no sound module on the Arduino. Can you take a picture of the part that is beeping? It makes me worried if electronic parts that are not speakers make sound.

A video would be a good diagnostic tool. I’m with @Gero, it shouldn’t make sound. Though if you can figure out how to control frequency, you can have the world’s first Musical Maslow! :wink:

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ok totally shame, it’s motor
but motors do beep?

I believe it is the noise of the motors, it is as if arduino were feeding stepper motors, they make the same noise when they are stopped. I don’t understand the usefulness as the original Maslow didn’t happen