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Hi i write arduino and updating with instructions. But i hawe problem:
avrdude: stk500v2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout
avrdude: stk500v2_getsync(): timeout communicating with programmer

On other computer i hawe a same problem. what can i doo help :frowning:

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Where did you get the Maslow from and where did the Firmware come from that you are trying to upload?

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I buy it from oficial makermade cnc oficial site. And i send sofware with istructions.

So it came with the Firmware on an USB-dongle?

Yes i hawe it on usb. But when i updating i hawe a time out error

Do you have the correct port and board set in the software? Are you using the Arduino IDE on windows?
If this is a DUE board, I think they send them with the firmware preloaded.

Usb port fix in instruction

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The board is set to “Aduino Mega 2560”, that is the problem, set it to Due

What i can choose?

That is strange. Can you add the DUE with the ‘Board Manager’? Mine on linux looks like this

This is old, but maybe can help

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I dont fix it… Buy expensive maschine but program did not work.

I thought the arduino came pre-programmed with the M2. Is there a reason you are trying to program it?

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Can you open the ‘serial monitor’? What do you see when you set ‘baud’ set to 38400.

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No it no programited too m2.

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Did you do the windows installation for the Due mentioned here?

GRBL looks good! There is something on it.
So you have the correct port and board settings. Don’t bother with uploading firmware.