Are older kits still good? Should I upgrade?

I got the basic kit from a friend who I think got it from another friend. I bought the Ridgid r22002 router since that was the one everyone recommended. So far so good. After I built the stand I started working on the temporary sled and ran into some problems. It looks like most tutorials are using the ring now. Is that correct? Is there an “original temp sled” guide somewhere? I just need to know how to mount the chain to the sled. The way it looked like people did it on YouTube doesn’t look right to me and the chain doesn’t sit well.

The bungie strap in the kit I got is way thinner than the images from the build guide and one side keeps falling off. Is this normal?

Today when I was working on the z-axis I noticed my coupler isn’t the right size for the Rigid. I also noticed the motor side didn’t have a flat side for set screw to go against. The motor side still looks to be tight and I can’t spin it when I twist it but the router side coupler mount is way too big to fit tightly over the router z height adjuster screw. Did Rigid change something? Here’s a photo that might help.

Should I upgrade to the ring? Do they even sell just the ring and coupler? If nothing else I guess I could 3D print an adapter to go between the coupler and the router. I’m so close to getting this thing built. I’d really like to get it running for the long weekend coming up if possible.

if your kit is old enough that it attached the chains to big L brackets, you do
want to upgrade that.

you can buy a ring

or you can build a linkage kit using your existing machine (even an inaccurate
machine can be used to build parts that will make it much more accurate)

David Lang


I’ll get that stuff ordered then.

Any tips for the coupler? I didn’t see it as an extra part in the store.

Eastbay source sells the coupler for $10. You may be able to talk to them about selling you a ring kit as well.

Makermade does sell the ring for $19 and each bracket (would need 3) for $8. Carriages for $10 and bearings for $39.

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I sent them a message about selling just the ring kit. Thanks for the help.

Am I missing something or are their prices a little funky? One price on one page but way more on the nest?

Everything is there for upgrading to the ring. That $175 package also comes with their shield. I’m not sure on the need to upgrade that (I never had the original setup so don’t know what its lacking from the improvements over the years), hopefully someone else will have some input. Your original coupler, is that meant to fit over the knob? The hole looks quite big.

Didn’t notice the different prices. Maybe @EastBaySource can correct (and give you the lower advertised price)

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I thought it was supposed to go over the knob too but it’s too small for that. I guess I can sand down the knob a bit. Just thought it was odd.

Yeah I don’t think I need to upgrade the shield but they don’t have just the ring.

normally you remove the knob and it attaches to the shaft directly.

David Lang

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Is that shaft correct though? It’s huge. I’m not sure if it got swapped out at some point or if the router changed.

The coupler doesn’t look like the one they’re selling on that site.

This is probably a dumb question, but do you have the original Z-axis motor or a motor sourced from somewhere else? The old coupler I have has different sized openings on the ends. Here is the only reference I found to an old post @Bar made on the original Z-axis coupler.

Also, The instructions for the original kit on github, maybe of help.

Personally, I modded my original Z-axis following the instructions in the Community Garden and recall a visit to a drill press to widen the opening on one end a few thou.

Good luck,

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I’m the third person to own this particular kit but the first person to put it together (I think. Everything was in the ziplock baggies so I’m assuming it’s never been put together or used before).

I believe all the parts are original. The coupler that was in the box is the one in the photos. Should I email them you think? I still haven’t heard back from East Bay but I guess it is a holiday weekend. $10 for a new coupler is fine but I really don’t want to spend the $200+ for the ring kit unless I have to.

I also noticed that my coupler has that orange plastic in the middle. No other coupler from any wiki or YouTube video looks like that. Not sure if that matters or not.

I believe all the parts are original. The coupler that was in the box is the
one in the photos. Should I email them you think?

to use the original coupler, you pop the top off of the adjustment knob of the
router and undo the screw holding it to the shaft. At that point one end of the
couple should fit the shaft on the router and the other will fit the Z motor
(they are different sizes)

I still haven’t heard back
from East Bay but I guess it is a holiday weekend. $10 for a new coupler is
fine but I really don’t want to spend the $200+ for the ring kit unless I have

I sell a pantograph kit that will do the job a bit differently for $40

And as I said before, you can make a linkage kit yourself (either using the
maslow or just with a drill press or careful drilling)

you end up needing to make 6 linkage arms, 4 with two holes in them (that must
be the same distance apart, exact distance isn’t critical, just that they must
be the same), and 2 with 3 holes (again they must match, exact distance and
exact centering of the holes don’t matter, you just have to keep everything in
the correct orientation and drill the sled to match)

David Lang

As far as the coupler is concerned, the one I received in the original kit was all aluminum. The more important thing is the size of the holes on it. Measure oth openings preferably with calipers. What are the hole sizes on your coupler?

According to the post I linked earlier one side of the coupler is 6 mm and the other is 3/8" or ~9.53 mm. Re-check measurements of z-motor shaft and router shaft mounting point. If the measurements don’t accommodate the motor and router shafts together you may have the wrong one.

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Small hole:

Large hole:

The top of the router’s adjustment knob:

Where the coupler should fit on the router adjustment shaft:

The big hole of the coupler is almost twice as big as it should be.

This is starting to become circular and not at all helpful.

I bought a kit from a friend. My coupler doesn’t look like any coupler I’ve seen. It’s too big on one side. It’s so big that it almost fits over the knob. I know it doesn’t go over the knob.

It is also so big that it won’t tighten over the spot where it should go.

I took pictures and measurements to show people how big it is.