Talk about being stuck.. and a little embarrassed

Hi, Im Ronn… (Hi Ronn…) and Im a Maslow failure…
I bought my kit 3 yrs ago and got it built to my first cut. (the point where you cut your sled and frame, the exciting part where youre suppose to realize it actually works). Only it didn’t work.
I planned on getting back to it and troubleshoot, but it didnt happen, Fastforward 3 yrs and its been on the back of my brain this whole time.

Well Im gonna take another run at it in the next 2 days.

I cannot find any of my documentation, last thing I recall: I used the suggested software and plugged everything in. Had my official Rigid router all set. but the board would not power on or maybe the wires where seated incorrectly? something clearly didnt work. I was using that webbased program to load my files and nothing happened.

So my questing is (asking sheepishly) Where do I start??


Welcome to the Forum @Ronn ! Lost of helpful people here that will take you step by step.

So have been part of the kick-starter campaign and have one of the first kits?

Kind regards, Gero

This where your journey starts. We went away from cutting the mickey mouse ears and are now at solid 2x4, steel, or c-channel structures for the frame. Are you limited in space (width/height) for your frame?

Can you add a bit to that :slight_smile:

I believe it was just after the KS campaign but basically that same kit… I also have the z-adapter so maybe It was KS… though its been a while I dont really recall…

So it came with L-shaped brackets and not the ring to mount the chains?

I plan to set up in my garage. its got a wall… but I need to move stuff (Random things piled in front of where my build was. but I can basically use the an 8x8 side of a wall.)

I do not have a ring… Just Bracket and I recall I needed some bricks to counter weight…

2 days sure… I have Thursday and Friday to dedicate to getting this up and running. maybe even part of Saturday. 8)

ohh I get what you saying, yes I can continue on this course. I thought you meant Elaborate on the 2 days…

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You what to build something similar to this…

Look at ideas by typing in “ frame” in giggle-images and you get inspiration of what is possible. You can hinge it on the wall or on the ceiling. Your imagination is the limit. Do you see my mouse cursor in the second row, third pic? A glass front to close. One of the craziest builds i’ve seen.
But it’s ok to start simple, because once you are up and running, then the crazy builds start.

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12 ft top beam would be optimum. You can go smaller, but loose the chance to cut on a full sheet.

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Hey Ronn! Welcome back! Makermade had a decent pdf for frame building you can use here. I think we have all felt frustrated like you described a little as part of this process. I experienced this last week with some new controllers I was testing. Nothing worked and I didn’t know what to do. Start with the board, the one with the USB and plug it into your computer. don’t plug in the motors yet. Just see if the lights come on. You download the firmware here. You will need the arduino IDE to compile and load it on the board here.

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To have a 12ft top beam you’ll also need the longer chains (15ft / 5m) - so if the chains you’ve got a ‘regular’ length you’ll need to stick to the 10ft (3m) top beam.

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the original “L” brackets were replaced with a ring or linkage kit that keeps the chains pointed to the middle. you really need to buy a $75 ring kit or a $25 linkage kit if you want the cuts to be accurate.

calibrating it with the inferior brackets and then having to recalibrate with the more accurate hardware now would be a waste of time IMHO.

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Understood. I see the linkage kit but dont see the ring kit… is it out of stock or sold elsewhere?

other sellers sell the ring kit, both work fine.

are these them? I see they are 14 ft… not 15 ft

big thank you!!

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will do. currently I do not have the longer linkage… does it make sense to build with a smaller top bar and then add the longer bar once the longer chains come in? also Ive seen 14ft ones but someone mentioned 15ft ones.