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Auto-unit-conversion on forum?

Would it be possible to add a kind of auto-translate on the forum, but just to convert between metric and imperial.
Don’t know if it’s feasable, but you guys seem to find a new function to add to the forum every other week, and it doesn’t seem to far fetched.
It would make the forums a lot more readable for us with the practical units of measurement. I know how much an inch is, but i don’t feel it, if you say 15cm, i can see it in my mind, 6 inches is not that easy to visualise.


Giggle takes max 15 seconds to convert.
If I have time I post both, first metric, then imperial. A sign of respect.
If I don’t have time I just post metric.
A Forum function is from my knowledge to pre-built-in.

one problem with auto-conversions is that they tend to imply more precision is
needed than there really is.

If I say 10 inches, 254mm is the exact conversion, but really, “about 25cm” is
the right way to think about it.