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Good day!
I would be very grateful for your answers)
In what format to save trajectory for Ground Control.
The program offers many options, but which one? * .nc


Look for GRBL or LinuxCNC or Mach3 .nc


unfortunately none of the three are in * .nc format


I think you can use .cnc

Add the ending .cnc in the GC settings

Can you upload a .TAP? I’d like to check it.

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Stol 1 list.TAP (556.1 KB)

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I added .TAP in GC and loaded, looks good


unloaded in the *.CNC, added, it turned out. thank you ))


Can’t wait to see this in the ‘Projects’ and find out what it is :nerd_face:


i tryed to change for tap, cnc and nc and its close every time :frowning:


nope! everything is ok! it was russian text in the name of the file