Automated plywood feed concept

Hello everyone.

I want to automatically feed several sheets of plywood at a time.

Think: setup machine and it could cut 6-8 sheets without further intervention.

For projects like Wikihouse and PlyPad I think this would make a lot of sense, or really anyone who wants to bust through prints while not in their shop.
EDIT: Don’t leave the Maslow alone, it might catch your shop on fire when it decides to be a dragon: Warning: I Started a Fire With My Maslow

Anyway I’ve posted a rough concept animation to github(new user so can’t upload here) and I’d love for people to tell me why it isn’t practical would not work from the perspectives of people already using the Maslow

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I think there would probably need to be 1/4" spacers to prevent the bit from eating the next board, could use some drop for that I think.

I should add the concept drawing is a side view from a single piece of 4x8 sheet. 3-4 motorized screws would push the plywood stack forward preparing each sheet to be cut

@impishj welcome to our group.

I like your idea - I like your thought process

We don’t encourage lights out operation on the Maslow. Never leave it running unattended!

please see:

Please continue to work on this concept.

Thank you

FYI - If it were me designing it instead of multiple motors I’d use 1 with a high torque cam, and a separate actuated release. In theory you need 3 positions, storage, work holding, finished product.

Thank you

+1 to @Bee for the very important reminder that unattended operation is a serious safety issue. However, I could see this being useful in a production environment. Imagine you have several Maslows operating at the same time with an operator watching them all. He/she doesn’t want to be distracted for a plywood change.

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I see it as 2 sheets high, A has pins the sheet is pushed off and falls to pins on B, then pushed from side then top to "center’ and something clamps it for the Milling Operation, C flips it 90 degrees off the work area.

my 2 Cents

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Haha yeep yeah fire hazard makes sense… Bamboo is the best material for the same reason it’s the worst lol

No lights out makes total sense for anything with fire potential didn’t even occur to me thanks!
Although maybe waterjet could be more lights out friendly.

I don’t really expect lights out to be practical in the near term. But **** I want building systems that you set out on a gravel/concrete pad with a solar setup/extension cord and come back a day latter and assemble your new cabin. Didn’t want to come back to a pile of embers on a field of gravel though, that would be hella disappointing. Just to put it’s real final use case out there.

Not really clear how with a cam you could push many board out though, maybe I’m not picturing what you are.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ohhh yeah I see what your saying now. I had kind of assumed that clamping it could catch the router’s sled

Hmm… that is a pretty interesting idea. I am assuming the top section is where the cutting is done, and the sled just rests while the finished sheet slides out and the next sheet in the “deck” moves into place. It would be critical that the sheets be pretty perfectly flat… I find that I need to secure the perimeter of the workpiece with several screws to insure a flat cutting plane… otherwise the cutting depth is not consistent. Also, how do you manage wasteboards?

Wrangling the 3/4” ply into place on the Maslow is always challenging in my world. Big worry is a sheet slipping off the bottom sill and smashing a toe! Having all that material higher up in the shop would require quite a substantial frame, and maybe a forklift for loading.

I would love to see something like that in action!