BADA BOOM Berlin window instillation

The guys over at badaboom berlin ( emailed to show us this cool window instillation they made with their machine:


Wow! What a great thing to see before sleeping! Not sure when I’ll make it to Germany, but badaboom berlin is on the list. I have to see that live.


This makes me wish I was more artistic. I think I’ll talk to my artsy fartsy friends and colleagues when I get my Maslow going. I’d LOVE to see original stuff like this being made before my eyes.


Hi everybody, thanks @bar for posting the project, we are pretty slow these days. @Gero, you are more than welcome if you are in Berlin!

Btw we are very happy to finally contribute to the project section. Actually, since when we first saw the mesmerizing video of Maslow, we were wondering what we could have done with it. But the little time in the latest year, also to experiment and test, didn’t allow to do much.
But when the Schaubude Berlin theater asked us to take care of their window exhibition, we had the feeling it was the right time. The place is also in a very trafficked area, with lot of people coming by every day, so very challenging for us.

In a way, everything happened kind of fast, and after the first sketches were done, the idea of the final result was already there. In the process we decided to change how the objects were hanged to the ceiling, for this reason in the pictures you see a rounded support on the back. Hanging all the structure on different layers improved a lot the effect of breaking and recomposing the object as you walk by.

Some video snippets coming soon!



Some sketches too


Welcome @BadaboomBerlin!! I posted this because I hadn’t seen you guys here before and I thought it was way too cool for everyone to not see it to. It’s even cooler with the behind the scenes pictures and sketches.

I loved the really big sign you did earlier too!