Little Boxes #1 - Interactive Exhibition at the Bauhaus Museum - with some Maslow

One of the first idea we had when Maslow entered in our cellar, it was to add some kind of ‘tangible’ value to the digital work we usually do. So mostly we play with interactivity, sensors and analog stuff. We were used to create with lasercut some little boxes - a kind of chroma key portals, with cameras that take an element, cut it out, and bring it in some interactive world created by the user. The idea to use Maslow to create bigger structure that could house some of the hardware was always in the back of our mind. Some months ago we were involved in a project where we had to produce for an exhibition for the Bauhaus Foundation a similar box. The challenge was to design something with very clean lines, but that could also appeal to the fantastic worlds that can be created with the installation. So basically, the box containing hardware and the green screen on the bottom was created with Maslow.

A protoype

Maslow in action on the 4 sides - openings for air

Details of the housed hardware

The box + the projection

Some testing

Visitors at the opening evening

The 4 arms are simply C-shaped pvc profiles, that house the leds stripes and some cable, and fit pretty good with the coated mdf.

More information about the exhibition of which this installation is part is here:


Wow! I love the things that you guys are creating!


Keep up the great work!

Thank you

Thanks a lot Bar! Fun thing, next big “to do” in our list is go back to basics, that means: Let’s try to add (and make them work) tabs to our pipeline, it has been pretty stressy stay the all time waiting for the pieces not to fall on the router bite :slight_smile:


Thanks Brandon, more little boxes will come soon!

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